Expedition Database (ED)


Coast Guard survey vessel Matthew

The Expedition Database (ED) contains information (metadata) and data related to marine and coastal field surveys conducted by or on behalf of the Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic and Pacific). ED is a source of information on "Stations" where geological samples such as piston cores, grab samples, bottom photography were collected. Resulting data such as grainsize, radiocarbon dates, and bottom photography can also be accessed through ED. In addition, ED is a source of trackline navigation for marine geophysical (seismic, sidescan, multibeam) profiles collected by the GSC.

This information may be retrieved by Expedition Code (assigned cruise number), by station or seismic parameter type, or by geographic bounding box coordinates or place keyword.

You can view detailed information on the screen or download a CSV text file (for spreadsheet or import into a GIS e.g. ArcGIS).